Beth Beus

Essentials Syllabus

Ms. Beus



·         Be Responsible

·         Be Respectful

·         Be on Time (I do keep track of tardies … after 6 you may lose credit)

·         Be Prepared 



·         Homework is assigned every day. You will be given time to work on it in class. Homework will typically be due the following day at the beginning of the class period.  

·         Your homework will be graded based on completion vs. the traditional correctness grade.

·         Late work will be accepted in my class. However after we take a chapter test homework from that chapter will no longer be accepted.

·         Make-up work from an excused absence is YOUR responsibility. I have a Homework Board that itemizes the day’s activities and assignments.  Always check the homework board, and/or talk with a classmate upon return to class.  You can arrange a time to receive instruction on missed concepts before school, at lunch, after school, or during class (if time permits).

·         Test Re-takes: After a test has been taken in class, students will have an opportunity to re-take the test (if they want to) with the following expectations: 1st: the student will correct ALL of the questions they missed on the first exam, 2nd: the student must complete ALL missing work for the chapter which they’d like to re-take the test, 3rd: the re-take will be similar to the first test, but not the same test, 4th: the re-take test score will REPLACE the previous test score. 5th: the re-take must be completed before the next chapter test is taken.



     * Come to class prepared with:

·         Paper

·         PENCILS

·         Completed work

·         OPTIONAL (but highly encouraged): Calculator


GRADING POLICY:  You will be graded on a total point/percentage system using the following scale: (Grades are cumulative for the entire semester – I do not round at the quarter break, but do use classroom participation and homework consistency to decide whether or not to round at the end of the semester.)


            90-100%  =  A                         70-80%  =  C               59% and below  =  F

            80-90 %   =  B                         60-70%  =  D


Grading will be based on the following: tests, quizzes, homework, note checks, and classroom activities.

We have a classroom calendar in my room that shows what we do each day. Students can reference that when they've been absent. All worksheets can be found in a basket in the front of the classroom if a student needs an extra copy.

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns at